Our Products

Below are the manufacturers we represent:

Advanced Steam Technology

Ultra-High Efficiency Heat Exchange Systems, Steam Spargers, Condensate Coolers

Eaton Filtration

Steam Exhaust Heads, Steam, Gas and Liquid Separators

Emerson / Cash Valves (Formerly Pentair Valves & Controls)

Pressure and Temperature Regulators, Back Pressure and Bypass Relief Valves, Vacuum Valves, Cryogenic Valves

FlowCon Americas

Dynamic Self Balancing Control Valve, Pressure Independent Temperature Control Valve, Total Authority and Dynamic Balancing Valves for Hot Water, Chilled Water and Condenser Water Systems


Ball joints, Slip and Bellows Type Expansion Joints, Flexible Pump Connectors and Pipe Guides, Venturi Flowmeters


Fiberclaid Containment Piping, Dual-Con FRP Preinsulated Piping Systems

Niagara Meters (formerly Aaliant)

Positive Displacment Flowmeters, Turbine Flowmeters, Target Flowmeters, Liquid Level, BTU Measurement Systems

Nicholson Steam Trap Co.

Thermostatic, Mechanical and Thermodynamic Steam Traps for HVAC, Industrial, Process and Tracer Line Applications, Air Traps, Forged Steel or Stainless Steel Uniflex Pipe Couplings, 'Commander' Pressure Powered Condensate Pumps

Nutech Hydronic Specialties

Automatic and Manual Balancing Valves, Hydronic Coil Hook-Up Assemblies, Venturi Flowmeters, Pressure/Temperature Plugs, Manual and Automatic Air Vents, Portable Meters

Penn Separator

Distributor for Flash Tanks, Condensate Coolers, Blow Down Systems

PLAD Equipment

Water Booster Systems, Hydronic HVAC and Industrial Pumping Systems,, Condensate Return Pumping Systems, Submersible and Sewage Pumping Systems, Fire Pump Systems

Pure Humidifier

Steam Injection Humidifiers, Electric Humidifiers, 'Steam-to-Steam' Humidifiers, 'Gas-to-Steam' Humidifiers, Insty-Pac & Fast-Pac Short Absorption Dispersion Systems

RTK (Circor)

Electric, Electro / Pneumatic, Pneumatic Control Valves, Complete Microprocessor Systems

Sellers Manufacturing

Immersion Fire Tube Boilers, Steam and Hot Water (1,000 BPH), Blowdown Separators, Boiler Feed System, Therma-Feed Boiler Feed Systems, Deaerators, Economizers, Indirect Water Heater, Water Heaters (Gas or LP)

Shannon Enterprises (Insultech)

Removable / Reusable Insulation Blankets for Steam & Hot Water Specialties or Thermal and Acoustic Applications


Turbine, Magnetic, Vortex Shedding and Orifice Type Flow Meters, Electronic Readout Devices

Spence Engineering Company

Pressure Reducing Valves, Temperature Regulators, Control Valves, Back Pressure Regulators, Noise Suppressors, Steam Traps, Relief Valves for Steam, Water, Air and Gas, Y-Strainers, Basket Strainers, Steam Separators, Triple Duty Valves, Pump Suction Diffusers


Thermometers, Pressure Gauges, Control & Temperature Valves, Thermowells, Needle Valves, Gauge Cocks, Snubbers, Coil Syphons

Valvsource-SSI Strainer

Y-Strainers, Basket Strainers, Steam Separators, Triple Duty Valves, Pump Suction Diffusers